How I See It: A Discourse Analysis


I was fascinated to discover the existance of this particular campaign just in time for my presentation. It presented me with a number of opportunities to try and flex my muscles in ways I hadn’t done before, to greater or lesser success.

First was the content itself. This organization, the Foundation Fighting Blindness showed a disregard for what they may have been doing for recipients of their harmful messages. I think that it particularly fit Habermas’s theory, because the issues in each domain were so obvious. It certainly showed how a once respected organization can lose sight of what it should be doing to meet goals, allowing greed and want of funds to cloud adequate judgment and destroy trust.

Certainly these sorts of incidents have happened in the past with blindness organizations, because of course one knows the easiest way to raise money is to make everyone feel sad or pull on their proverbial heartstrings. But as I note in my conclusions, this sort of action is no longer necessary as people who are living a condition can more easily talk about their own experience and perhaps inspire action with truthful statements that continue to lift us up.

With regards to media production, I read a post from the National Federation of the Blind that describes how to record video using the iPhone. I am well aware that I may no have actually done this successfully, but the attempt itself was informative. A major issue of course was I didn’t have a hands-free way to do it. They make a recommendation of creating an improvised tripod using an office clip to secure the phone, which is a good idea but unfortunately I didn’t have such a clip around. I’m pretty sure I know how to do it, at least.

Finally, I took my transcript notion farther, this time writing one even while creating a Powerpoint. This meant that I didn’t have to try and improvise, having forgotten exactly what I meant by the limited text placed on the slide. It also gave me a lot more flexibility to be creative with my PPT slides while still speaking relatively smoothly. As expressed with my prior presentation, I am pretty well certain I will stick with the new method of using a whole transcript.

Overall I enjoyed doing this one, and of course it helped that the matter was something in which I have a significant interest. I think in that sense these exercises have been quite productive.


Author: johnmill79

33, currently residing in Durham, NC. I have a somewhat tedious job, but it's helping me live a bit of the good life until I get things going. Here, I'll blog about things I encounter in my daily life, my continuous search for a career path, entertainment, books I like, etc. Hope you enjoy.

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