MetaTalk Podcast Episode 3: Identity Work In the 21st Century

This week, I was tasked with creating a podcast that asks different employees how they feel about the identity work required in the current era. I found people from three perspectives: one toward the end of her career (Linda Convissor), one in the middle (Dawn Baumgartner Vaughan) and one at the beginning (Samantha Allen). I am hopeful that these differences in perspective create an interesting viewpoint of how people’s interpretations and narratives unfold differently as it relates to generation and chosen career path. Please enjoy the podcast.


Author: johnmill79

33, currently residing in Durham, NC. I have a somewhat tedious job, but it's helping me live a bit of the good life until I get things going. Here, I'll blog about things I encounter in my daily life, my continuous search for a career path, entertainment, books I like, etc. Hope you enjoy.

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